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What is the point of visiting an island for cultural value and cultural value only? Is there such a thing as a better holiday? This phenomenon of British people travelling abroad is not wholly new or exciting; in the s, it was considered the height of polite society and social standing to go on what was known as the Grand Tour; a holiday all around Europe, mostly taking place in the crumbling cities of Venice, and the distant reaches of Germany.

Poets such as Byron and Shelley wrote some of their best works on a Grand Tour, and have been immortalized in those countries by means of plaques and holidays to their brilliance. It is a short, but humourous, look at the vanity of people, the natural competitiveness of people, and the ease of pretending to be who you might not wholly be. It is also ironic that the narrator is writing this sentence with the aim of posting the postcard to someone else — perhaps she is actually lonely, but not really sure how to react to this knowledge? Whether or not that is the case has yet to be seen, but it very well could be, considering the way the poem is titled.

The fact that she mentions these absences, however, speaks of experiences on other holidays, and the reader can make the argument that the absences is what she has noticed, and therefore what she misses on holiday, but this would be a feat to explain in an analysis; it makes sense, though, to notice the missing trappings of stereotypical holidays. It seems a little bit of a harsh statement, considering that seaside town resorts are generally very relaxing, whereas the holiday she is on seems like it would be very taxing and very unpleasant. Sophie Hannah is a British novelist and poetess.

postcard from a travel snob essay - منتديات زوينة للمرأة حول العالم

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Why comment on such things if you do not understand metre? It is in fairly regular iambic pentametre with a regular rhyme scheme. How can that be free verse?

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Absolutely correct on both accounts. As you can see we had three writers give their views on this poem. I think I was one of them actually! Mahdi, Muhsin. Mariano, Nicky, ed. Martin, Fredrik Robert.

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Postcard From a Travel Snob - by Sophie Hannah (SMILE Analysis points)

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Istanbul, Vernoit, Stephen. London and New York, Vertova, Luisa. Monographic issue devoted to Berenson. On these issues see Hodgson , esp. The transcription of Arabic and Persian terms and names is given in the most simplified and common way, except for book titles, which have been transcribed, for the sake of precision, according to the scholarly system.

They did discipline me, not only as an undergraduate but for years afterwards, rousing curiosities eager to be satisfied, curiosities which are not yet spent. But in the human lot there is no more gain without loss than loss without gain.

What I have gained is not only the possibility of keeping up, to the extent of my leisure, with results of research in various fields; but immunization against humbug. I went one evening and found a flock of women around her she was uglier than she is today all striking more or less Botticellian poses, all breathing an aura of acute Renaissance.

What was I going to do in the midst of them? I had to interest them and stupefy them with some thing which they would never have thought of. He never wrote better expository prose. Amazing how he assimilated and grasped the essence of the recently discovered Orient.

He has a better sense of what it was in character and as achievement than is the case with most scholars and historical pundits of today. To think Goethe achieving this as an elderly man in the midst of so much else. The winter semester I should spend in the study of practical art problems, and of Arabic at Berlin.

Then I should go [to] Italy where I should spend the rest of the year in the study of art, and Italian literature. Art prevails in this programme, because it is there where I feel myself weakest.. In a sojourn abroad of three years I should much extend my plans. I should devote a good part of the time to the study of the literature which had its origin in the places in which I happened to sojourn. I also should avail myself as much as possible of opportunities for literary study of Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian. His reading is enormous without being superficial. He combines in a very unusual way acquaintance with Eastern and Western literatures. For the whole matter, see Samuels , 49—51, with related references. The almost complete document is reported also in Sprigge , 58— Toy remained in contact with Berenson and they met again in Cambridge, in Paris, and also in Florence: ibid.

See also Berenson a, 59, and Morra , Thanks toIlaria Della Monicafor pointing out this passage and transcribing it for me. Scarcely anything missing that really counts, from the whole earth, illustrated books from the most luxurious to the horrid Soviet publications on the prehistorical art of Siberia. Photos and magnificent reproductions of not only Italian or Greek and Roman art, but of every province of Antiquity, or Far-Eastern, or Indian, or pre-Columbian American. See also Origo To this list the following should also be added as tangential to our discussion: travels in Greece in , Spain in , and Yugoslavia in ; to Cyprus, Rhodes, and Crete in ; again to Rhodes and Asia Minor in ; and to Sicily in May It is for the traces of that world for which I always feel so homesick, that I am exploring the shores of the Mediterranean.

Sophia is all you say. It is perhaps the most sumptuous building interior I have ever seen. Sachs, 17 March ; see McComb , I ask myself, sitting comfortably surrounded by books, endeavouring to hold fast the memories of our wonderful journey.