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Among U. These numbers emphasize the importance of condom distribution in high schools for sexually active teenagers.

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Whether we like it or not, U. As long as this is the case, schools need to help them stay safe.

The numbers above strongly suggest that expecting abstinence is not realistic. As teens spend the majority of their time at school, it is the most natural and convenient place for sex education, including condom distribution.

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As teenagers are beginning to discover their sexual identities , providing condoms in high schools can help them establish the concept of safe sex as the norm and gives them the mandate to be responsible. Introducing the idea of condom use into their conscience at such a formative age may help teens view contraception as second nature as opposed to something that either gender will have to continually negotiate with future partners.

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By providing condoms to students, high schools are taking away the due right of parents to decide whether their own teenage children should have access to contraception. So, having schools introduce condom use to their teenagers pressures both the parents and teens into having conversations about sex that may feel premature. Condom distribution in high schools gives students a false sense of security when having sex.

Condom Distribution In Schools Essay

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