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When you only have a few pages to hook readers, paint a clear picture of the character, and tell a story, you end up mastering the skill of showing instead of telling.

Those skills will transfer into anything you write, automatically making it that much better. Each part of your book should be polished, strong, and enticing for your readers. Using short story writing methods will help you achieve that within your chapters. And when readers look back on an entire book filled with incredible chapters, the entire book as a whole will be seen as being that much better.

Hello, 5-star reviews! Every nonfiction book has portions where stories must be told in order to get the point across. This is what allows people to relate to you as an author, which pulls them in deeper and makes the core message of your book resonate with them more.

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How Do I Write a Short Story Essay? – English Essay Writing

You already know that short stories are… shorter than your average novel but do they have any other difference? In order for a short story to be impactful, you have to know your character well. Having good character development is essential in short stories, since your characters often drive the story. Keep in mind that since your short story is, well, shorter than a novel, you may remove a few steps. Knowing the overall character journey, however, can be helpful for character development within short stories.

Thankfully, the outlining process for a short story is much easier than a full novel, but I do still advise creating one in order to have a cohesive flow throughout the story.

Short Story Essay

This is definitely useful for those of you who prefer outlining versus just writing by the seat of your pants. Click To Tweet. Take this short story called The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry , for example.

I’m an Award-Winning Short Story Writer and I Don’t Know What I’m Doing Either

Done is better than perfect. This is especially the case when it comes to short stories.

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Once you have your outline and know how to start writing , drafting the short story in full comes next. That would be like matching your earrings to your pants without first having the full outfit put together. Focus on getting your draft done so you can move on to the next step.

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Editing is where the real magic happens when it comes to writing. These are a few things to keep an eye out for when editing your short story :. The editing process for short stories is pretty much the same for novels. The only difference is that short stories tend to focus more on imagery and exposition than they do full character and plot development. The good news? Short story titles are a little less important than titles for novels.

They can also be very abstract. What you want to think of when titling your short story is this:. These questions will help you develop a title that not only makes sense, but is also intriguing enough to pull readers in while staying true to what the story is about. No matter how experienced or inexperienced you are as a writer, you need feedback. A piece of photorealistic origami. A magical realist photograph. Two books, actually, so far. As a teacher as well as a writer , I love metaphor, which might not speak well of me.

I love impressions, too. I love all imitations of greatness. A short story is a single instrument upon which any piece of music may be played; a novel is an orchestra, every song and every sound. A short story is an optical illusion: the hag and then the young beauty and then the hag again, the hag eyeballing you uncannily, the beauty always turning away. Or a vase, and then two faces in profile about to kiss and never getting there.

Short Story Essay

You completed something small to learn how to complete something big, something real. As a grad student I must have written the first 40 pages of half a dozen theoretical novels before giving up, but if I began a short story I finished it.

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Not in hopes of publication , but for actual publication, with a deadline and a waiting editor. The first few stories I had to write under this particular gun felt all right, not so different from writing for a deadline in school, but I grew to dislike it, and there is at least one story in my first book which, when I remember it, not often, I think, Poor half-formed thing: you were the child of a deadline.

Short stories, I explained, were much harder than novels: they showed missteps. Novels were baggy and forgiving; stories had to be both art and perfectly constructed. Harder to mimic real life in a short story, easy to be hokey or overly epiphanic or both. My first story after about nine years of abstinence was pulled from the wreckage of a failed novel.

When I was young, I scrambled for stories, scavenging through the world looking for scraps. Older, I realized that I could will short stories into being. That is, I could decide to write a short story and go picking around my mental debris for a topic, then settle on characters and narrative and structure, and write the thing. Novels required an obsession with material and people and a great deal of uncertainty. But short stories required no more obsession than I already had stored up in my brain. Will felt like exactly the right word: I was willing stories into existence.

I could work my brain like an electromagnet in a junkyard, turn it on, dip it into the heaps of my own mind, and pull something out. Perhaps not everything picked up was fiction-worthy, but some weird remnant would catch my fancy, and I could build a story around it.